Building LEGOs Again

by WW0CJ on Sun, 14 Jan 2024 00:00:00 GMT

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My university's winter break is beginning to wrap up, and I ended up back in town a few days earlier than classes start, and my plans for the week got delayed due to weather scares. So, when a friend asked if I wanted to come over to his place and build a LEGO set, of course I'm going to take up that offer!

We built the Speed Champions Mercedes-AWG set, and I built the Project One car while he built the F1 car!

Mercedes-AWG Project One LEGO completed, as seen from the right-hand side

I wish I had built more LEGO sets as a kid. It was really fun to do a project where I got to build something physical, and use a bit of imagination to figure out how everything pieces together. Although, doing this project made me remember how much I truly hated stickers on LEGO sets! Why don't they pre-print decals onto the pieces? I understand cost and wanting more experimentation and play with the blank pieces, but my perfectionism can't handle a slightly skewed sticker and it drove me nuts!

I also didn't realize how cheap some LEGO sets could be. Someday I'd love to do the bigger sets like the Millenium Falcon one with ~7500 pieces, but this set was 600 pieces, two cars, and only $30 USD. Not a bad deal for someone that just wants a cool project to do in one night!

Maybe once I move out of school housing and have my own full space I'll put up some shelves and bring back LEGOs into my hobby rotation. It seems to not only be a fun hobby but also something that was a good break and relaxation project to de-stress a bit!

Mercedes-AWG Project One LEGO completed, as seen from the top-down at a slight angle towards the right
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